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Clara’s Ice Cream Social

I can’t stand for a birthday to go uncelebrated, but I wanted to to keep Clara’s big day simple, so I opted for an ice cream social.  I texted a few invites: come on over for an ice cream cone on Saturday.  Done and done.  (Some of you (i.e. my sisters) will read this, roll their eyes, and say, “That was simple?”  Whatever.  You’ll be begging for me when your kids are planning their weddings. 😉

Literally all I served was ice cream.  A few different flavors and your choice of cone (or bowl, but who wants a bowl when there are sugar cones?!).  Here’s what always comes in handy: cake plates.  Also for the serving area I snagged Clara’s tissue tassel garland from her room.  Speaking of, how dear is this birthday girl?

Most of the decorations were variations on a theme.  Basically we turned everything remotely spherical into an ice cream cone with brown craft paper.  I’m just a little lazy, so I don’t have a tutorial for you, but if you follow this one you’ll get the drill.  The first variation on the ice cream cone was with a honeycomb ball.   We hung it on the front door.

This next one happens to be my favorite.  I made mini paper cones, hot glued them to felt balls, and strung the balls with embroidery floss. I think I’ll hang it in Clara’s room because it’s too fun to put in a box!

For the balloon version, we picked up some helium balloons and actually planned to leave them in a bouquet, but the paper cones weighed them down too much.  Taylor to the rescue.  He cut the bouquet apart and discovered that between the helium in the balloons and the weight of the paper cones, they could balance just like this on the mantel.  No joke, they just sort of hovered there.  It looked awesome!

 Taylor’s best idea of all was to turn our entry way light fixture into a giant ice cream cone.  Having him on my party committee is pretty much my favorite thing ever.

For the best decor of all, Blaine (8) woke himself up at 6:30 that morning to hang up the banner he’d made for Clara.  Bubble letters and all.  I love this kid.

Also, he made some stellar lego decorations.  (Came in pretty handy that we own the Ice Cream Truck set from The Lego Movie.)

We had a blast with lots of friends and family.  Here’s what I love: parties.

Clara brings so much uniqueness into our family dynamic.  She is smart and fun and sweet and full of light.  We are thankful every day to call her Sis.


tissue tassel garland— Studio Mucci (I bought this for Clara years ago for $30 and her prices have gone up.  I’m sure an Etsy search will bring up lots of options.  Hers are exceptionally well made, though, and having made these myself I can tell you it is worth buying rather than DIY!)

brown craft paper— Michaels or whatever craft store you prefer has rolls of it.  Stock up for          Christmas.

honeycomb balls— Mine are from Penny and Tillie but check out Shop Sweet Lulu.

felt balls— Mine are from Penny and Tillie but you can search Etsy or try Hello Maypole.

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