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Five Steps to Getting Off Your Phone and Being More Present


It goes like this:

While waiting for a response to a text I check Instagram for 10 minutes.

I turn on my phone to google something, get distracted browsing Pinterest and, ten minutes later, finally remember why I turned my phone on to begin with.

I turn on my phone to check the time. I decide I should probably should check my Facebook feed.

I open up my notes app to write something on my grocery list. I fall down the Instagram stories rabbit hole.

Is this you? It’s definitely me. These are totally real scenarios. I am constantly distracted by my phone. Constantly. Like in sitting down to write this post I’ve switched over to browse Instagram multiple times (insert embarrassed emoji here). And I hate it. I’m less productive. Less focused. My brain gets all sorts of fragmented. My kids get frustrated. Like my 17 month old literally starts pinching and biting me for attention and my 8 year of calls me out for screen time hypocrisy.

I’ve been working on a few things that really help me cut back and keep myself in check and I thought they were worth sharing, since I’ve talked to countless friends who feel the need for more balance in their lives, too.  I should note here that lately I’ve fallen into bad habits again, so if you decide to start implementing any of these today, take heart in knowing that we are in this boat together!

OK, deep breath. Let’s do this.

Five Steps to Getting Off Your Phone and Being More Present:

1. Spirit first. For me, this means studying scripture and praying in the morning before I let myself get on social media. It could mean taking a quiet moment to meditate or do yoga, or go for a walk- whatever you need to do to focus and ground yourself for the day.

2. Set times and time limits. When I’m really on my game, I try to only be on my phone when my baby naps and after bedtime. That way my kids have my full attention and don’t see Mom with a screen in front of her face all day. It also means I’m living more in the present and have way more clarity of mind. If I’m truly only on social media a couple of times a day, I give myself 10-20 minutes during these times. And we have strict rules about no phones at meal times.

3. Buy a watch. It is sincerely embarrassing to admit, but every time I turn my phone on to check the time, it is difficult not to get sucked in to checking my email for the bazillionth time or see if my recent Instagram post got any more likes. So, I got a watch! I fell in love with Jord wood watches. They are beautiful and high quality and anything wood is a winner in my book. I went with the Dark Sandalwood and Slate from the Frankie series in their women’s watches (they have so many gorgeous choices!) and it goes with absolutely everything and can dress up or down. It is truly helping me keep my phone in my pocket where it belongs so I can focus on my kids!

4. Make a phone to-do list. This is a brilliant idea from my friend, Lisa, of @handlettereddesign. Instead of turning her phone on every time she thinks of something she wants to look up, add to her calendar, comment on someone’s recent post, etc, she scribbles those things on a piece of paper and then does them all at once at a set time in the day. It’s helping her be present and efficient, and avoid all the distractions that come up when you turn your phone on intermittently throughout the day.

5. Have someone hold you accountable. Tell someone your plan. Do it with a friend and check in each evening. Make yourself a star chart and promise yourself a reward! Do what it takes to be held accountable. I am a thousand times better at this when I do it with a friend or my husband.

Sometimes, after scrolling through social media for a while, I feel like, gosh, am I going to look back at all this nonsense in a few years and cry my eyes out that I wasted so much time?! I don’t ever want to get there. I love my phone. I love social media. I love connecting with people and being inspired. I love what a great tool it has been for us in building our family business. But when I challenge myself to do these steps I feel so much more balanced and fulfilled in my life. I hope they can be helpful for you, too.



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And now, as my gift to you, some super awkward outtakes of me trying not to be an awkward model. But I just am. Awkward. You’re welcome.


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