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Clara’s New Room

One of the most fun thing about moving back into my childhood home is that Clara Tillie, my only daughter, gets to have my old bedroom.  Her vintage furniture (which was Grandma Tillie and Grandpa Blaine’s first bedroom set in the 1940s–could you just die?!) is so darling, and I wanted to use a wallpaper that would work with that old style, and make the room feel fun and magical– childlike, but not little kiddie.  I wanted color and whimsy and movement.

Several years ago I spotted this gorgeous paper (designed by Julia Rothman) from Hygge &West, and I always hoped to use it.  I had planned to buy the peel and stick version and install it myself, but when we moved and I actually got researching the cost, as well as the installation process, I quickly became intimidated and discouraged.

When Jeff  from Creative Paper Hanging came to the house to remove some existing wallpaper, I asked him about it and quickly changed my mind about the peel and stick.  Watch my latest vlog to hear that conversation.  (Note: I think some peel and sticks are a perfect solution in many cases.  But, in this case, it was more cost effective to use a wallpaper with paste and have it professionally installed, and I am so glad I didn’t have to be the one trying to line up clouds and birds!)

The thing I am loving most about documenting this renovation process is getting to share how one space can be transformed over time.  Here is this bedroom in 1990, when it was the sought after “big sister” room.  I think my favorite two notes about this shot are the drapes that match the wallpaper (long live peach!) and the Guess jeans lying on the floor.  CLASSIC snap shot in time.  I LOVE IT!


And here is the room just before my parents moved out.  It was a guest room for years, and the granddaughters loved to dig out the old Barbies and other treasures when visiting Nana and Grandpa.


And here it is now.  It is so dear to have Clara in my old bedroom, and she is absolutely tickled with her birdies.

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