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DIY Felt Ball Picture Hanger

It’s fun now ideas can morph. I love when one creative act leads to another and another. A few years ago I strung hundreds of felt balls into multiple garlands for my Christmas tree. The next year, I hung those garlands vertically on my living room wall and clothespinned Christmas cards onto them. The year after that, those garlands found their permanent home on the trunk of a baby Birch tree that didn’t survive and I didn’t want to part with.

Now I use this for Christmas cards in December and printed photos the rest of the year. It is so cheerful and happy and such an easy way to display pictures and make a lot of impact in a room.

This photo or Christmas card hanger is SO easy to make and really inexpensive. All you need is:

a branch

heavy twine

embroidery thread (or baker’s twine)

an embroidery needle,

felt balls

and mini clothes pins.

Making the garlands is the simplest ever. My kids love to make these. Just thread your needle with the embroidery thread and push the needle through the center of the balls. I don’t tie knots in between because I like to be able to move the balls around. I like to do a wide variety of colors with zero pattern, but obviously you could make it any way you want it. I think all white balls would be gorgeous. I made my garlands each a little different length, with various numbers of balls. Again, that’s a matter of preference.

After your garlands are ready, tie them onto your branch. I made sure that mine are spaced far enough apart that cards can hang without colliding.

Next, tie your heavy twine onto each end of the branch to make a hanger. I just use a 3M Command Hook to display ours.

Finally, attach favorite prints or Christmas cards (or anything!) with mini clothes pins. I like the square, matte prints from Parabo Press. Chatbooks does great ones as well.

That’s it! It’s so fun to have a place to switch out prints regularly. It seems like we print so few photos out anymore, and this has become a good motivator.

Let me know if you have any questions!



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