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Five Reasons I love Tubby Todd

Tubby Todd review// Anne with an 'e' blog

One of the most fun things about being a blogger is the opportunity to connect with other bloggers and entrepreneurs.  In the little hub of the online world I spend time in, there is an incredible number of #girlbosses who are taking ideas and dreams and turning them into legit businesses.  One of these inspiring mamas is Andrea Williams, who is the creator of Tubby Todd Bath Co.  She’s created an amazing line of all natural bath products for children.  I’d been following Tubby Todd for a long time and was amazed by all the positive feedback, so I was really excited to try it for myself.  We have been using the hair and body wash for a couple of months now, and are absolutely loving it.

To be honest, when it comes to organic foods and natural care products, I usually favor frugality.  My kids have bathed in the cheapest bath soap for years.  I wondered if Tubby Todd, which is made of all natural products, would seem that much different.  Here’s what I discovered:

Five Reasons I love Tubby Todd…

One (Blaine) and Two (Roger):

Even my big boys (who are 9 1/2 and almost 8, which is why I opted out of a bath picture!) still prefer kids’ hair and body wash.  They are crazy sensitive to water and soap in their eyes.  (Like screaming their heads off sensitive.)  Tubby Todd is fantastic for their tender eyes!  No problems at all.

Three (Carter) and Four (Clara):

Tubby Todd Review// Anne with an 'e' blog

OK here’s where the differences between cheap generic stuff and quality, all natural Tubby Todd start becoming clear.  When my little people want a bubble bath, I feel like it takes half a bottle of the cheap stuff to make decent bubbles.  Tubby Todd is super sudsy, and just takes a few drops to make a nice, bubbly, Santa beard sort of bath.  Endless fun!

Five (George):

Tubby Todd Review// Anne with an 'e' blog

The most important reason I would recommend Tubby Todd is that little Georgie has the most sensitive skin of any of my babies.  He is often dry, sore, red, chapped, or rashy around his mouth and on his cheeks.  Since using Tubby Todd this has vastly improved.  It’s a much less frequent problem, and I really attribute that to the natural, less harsh ingredients.

I’m so grateful for moms like Andrea who are working hard to get great products into the hands of other families.  My children’s eyes, skin, and bubble beards thank you, Tubby Todd!



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