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Hello World Baby Shower

A year or so ago I spotted this via Pinterest, and it’s been tucked in my brain, brewing ever since.

Then, a couple of months ago I discovered this onesie by Hen&Co (thanks to Brickyard Buffalo) and I knew we had our shower theme for my friend, Hailey.  Hello World!

This was such a fun (and easy!) shower to decorate for.  I rounded up all of the maps and globes in the house, and sewed a bunch of garlands from old atlas pages that I had punched circles and scallops from.  I also made a mini bunting for the cake by cutting tiny triangles from the atlas and sewing them together.  I just used paper straws to stake the bunting in to the cake.

The real aha moment came when I was menu planning and realized it should be food inspired by the same theme.  Between me, my husband, Taylor, and several friends, we presented:

The serve your own Italian Sodas on the buffet were maybe my favorite part.  You just need soda water, various syrups (I get large bottles at our local restaurant supply store), and whipped cream. We even bought giant bags of ice from Sonic (you know they have the best ice ever)!!


Anyone who knows me knows that I think that’s all you need for a good party–pretty things to look at, delicious food, good conversation, and some presents to the spoil the guest of honor (no games necessary).

Congrats, Hailey!  Can’t wait to meet that baby boy! Sources: Giant balloon, tissue pom pom, paper straws–Shop Sweet Lulu Hello World onesie–Hen& Co

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