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Let There Be (cool, vintage-inspired) Light

As Taylor and I have lived in various homes the last few years, we’ve really honed in on our personal style.  We love old and new.  Formal and fun.  Antique and modern.  And we have learned that, because every piece of furniture and art and fixture is something that we love and feel truly represents us, it all fits together.  I’m not sure what you call this style (colorful, eclectic chic? vintage, modern chic?  I’m pretty sure it ends in chic, whatever it is.  PS Taylor hates the word chic.), but it is us.

And it’s why we weren’t nervous about buying my childhood home.  This house was built in 1979 and is Pacific Northwest style.  It has sloped, cedar-planked ceilings and oversized, angled windows.  It’s a large home (about 3400 square feet) and has an amazingly open floor plan for a home its age.  And it is full of funky, post mid-century modern light fixtures, which we love.  Over the years my parents replaced many of the original light fixtures, so when we bought the house, it had a variety of styles.  We chose to keep everything original that was still here, and replace the others with new fixtures that would blend with the original style.  We are so happy with the results.

The light I’m the most excited about is the Luna Pendant from

Schoolhouse Electric.  I have been in love with Schoolhouse for several years, and I identify so much with their style and mission.  I talked all about Schoolhouse and why I think the Luna Pendant is the perfect fit for our entry in this vlog, but I also wanted to include some photos here.  We are over the moon about how it turned out.  We nailed the length (Schoolhouse makes it custom for you) and the sixteen inch diameter (they have several options) is the perfect scale.  My favorite part is that I can see the gorgeous brass top when I’m standing at the top of the stairs.

I’ve visited the flagship Schoolhouse store in Portland a number of times (and have asked if I can move in each and every time), and I identified with their feeling and style so much. But when I read their mission on their website, I felt truly connected, especially with this childhood home renovation. “Our inspiration comes from an innate affection for pieces with a past and the belief that something worth owning now is worth owning forever. In mixing eras and styles, with an ever-present focus on quality, we encourage people to create collections that reflect their own unique lives while embracing quirks and individuality.”

When I read that I had a real Nacho Libre/Encarnacion moment. (“Everything you just said is my favorite thing to do, every day!”) There couldn’t be a more perfect fit for this project- our attempt to update the 1979 home of my childhood without stripping away the unique Pacific Northwest vibe or the feeling of a comfortable family home that has always embodied it.

It’s that exact philosophy that finds us simultaneously excited to continue making updates through the years and utterly content with our home every step of the way.

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