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Marshmallow Mingle (Hosting a mini party at Alt)



Alt winter 2016 - Justin Hackworth Photography


Alt winter 2016 - Justin Hackworth Photography




Alt winter 2016 - Justin Hackworth Photography




Alt winter 2016 - Justin Hackworth Photography


Now here’s where I say a billion thank you’s to all of the people who made this happen.  (It takes a village, you know.)  First of all, Taylor not only improved all of my ideas and built prototypes with me, he also rearranged his life for a week so I could leave.  My darling parents hosted Taylor and the five kids the whole time I was gone, and they took care of the three little ones during the days.  My sister-in-law, Rebecca, swooped in and took Georgie several times, and had all of the kids at one point.  My other sister-in-law, Jill, helped with kids, and my mother-in-law took big kids after school every day, as well.  Seriously, when you have five kids, you have to call in a lot of favors to do something like this!  Also a huge shout out to my SIL, Melissa, without whom I would have had nothing to wear to all of my fancy parties!  We literally could not have done this party without my sister, Liz.  She lives in Salt Lake, so Sarah and I shipped party things to her for weeks, plus she made a huge IKEA run for us.  She showed up the first day with her fan completely full of everything you see above, not to mention she came back the next day to help set up some more, and again the night of the party to help clean up.  Danielle Wilson made an IKEA run for us, too, and was also there for set up and take down.  She and Liz were the architects of the tent, for which my no-spacial-reasoning brain was most grateful!  Jessie came all the way down from Logan to help us set up, as well, and Amanda, Candace, and Misha were an amazing help, as well–not just because they put in time, but because they added more creative, editing eyes, and improved the space.  Thanks, also, to all of the lovely people who helped us clean up so quickly, and to Melissa, Melissa, and Sara for thinking of me and bringing me a club sandwich at midnight, in the middle of clean up!  We were so grateful, too, for Kelly Smith, who answered a million questions and made everything possible.  She was so fabulous to work with.  And from me, thank you so much to Erica and Sarah.  We worked together so well, and it was such a delight.  (Plus, they were really calm influences when I was in high stress, my-chandelier-is-breaking mode!)  Thanks so much, Alt Summit, for believing is us and giving us the opportunity to throw a mini party!  It was a lot of fun and linked me forever to so many women I love and admire!



***All photos by Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit.***

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