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Penny and Clara’s Fairy Birds Birthday Party!


Just after Clara’s second birthday, I ordered her the book Fairy Birds, and decided it would make a perfect theme for her third birthday (I’m just that ridiculous).  Then, a couple of months ago, during one of our insanely long text conversations, Jessie and I started dreaming up a joint party for Penny and Clara.  {If you’re new here: Jessie and I have been great friends for 7 years.  We started Penny and Tillie together, and throwing parties became our favorite joint venture.  Our little girls, Penny Helen and Clara Tillie were born just one month apart.  Despite the fact that they moved away to Logan, Utah a year ago, Penny and Clara have maintained bestie status thanks to visits and face time!}  As it would happen, Jessie was planning to be here in Oregon in late August, so we started brainstorming the most colorful and magical party of our lives!



The party had three ‘stations.’  To begin, I read the story Fairy Birds to the girls.  It’s a darling, colorful story about fairy godmothers in training, and focuses on giving and service.  {The girls sat on this gorgeous blanket from Nosh Studio, and we used our favorite natural teepee from Tnee’s which we decorated with carnations strung on fishing line.  The balloon and streamers are from Shop Sweet Lulu and the pouf is Land of Nod.}

The second station/activity was lunch.  We lined up two pallets, folded one of my tablecloths as a runner, and placed an assortment of flowers from my garden and Trader Joe’s in canning jars down the center of the table.  We tried not to overthink colors or patterns to give it an organic feel.  {The white garland is a simple, cheap DIY that I use for lots of events.  I bought large doilies, folded them in half, and stitched across them, so that they can slide on the twine they are strung on.  The fan garlands are Shop Sweet Lulu.}




We used take out boxes {from our local restaurant supply} with a fabric scrap tie for the lunches.  We served heart-shaped pbj’s {‘givie hearts’ are part of the story} wrapped in sandwich paper and sealed with washi tape, plus baby carrots, grapes, and animal crackers.  The pink lemonade was served in my glass milk bottles {gold striped straws from E&R Enterprise}.



{The girls’ crowns are from Little Blue Olive and the tutus are from Trevi Ave Co.  Clara’s wings are from Fairy Birds.  When Penny’s didn’t arrive in time, Jessie had a major Tim Gunn “Make it Work” moment and glued feathers to her tank.  It was darling!}

The third station was for crafts, so my

Let’s Playground mat was perfect.  {Balloon and streamers from Shop Sweet Lulu, party tub from Target.}  We had the girls string Fruit Loop necklaces and decorate ‘givie hearts’ with markers and feathers.



Does it get cuter than three-year-olds?!

Last of all we served cake and showered the girls with confetti.  We kept it super simple with cake mixes.  Yellow cake with buttercream and blackberries and chocolate cake with buttercream and strawberries.





Hilariously, Penny and Clara decided to leave the table and eat their cake together on the play mat.  Any older and we would have called them anti-social and rude, but at 3 it just seemed adorable as can be.  {Plates from Shop Sweet Lulu.}


It doesn’t get much more fun than a push up pop full of confetti!  The girls spent a half our gathering confetti from the pavement and refilling their pops.


I have to say, when you have four boys, it’s pretty fun to throw a really girlie party!  With the lushness of my parents’ backyard, the colorful streamers blowing perfectly in the breeze, the excitement of all the guests, the exuberance of two best friends in tutus, and two days laughing with Jessie, it felt like a pretty perfect event.

One last thing, before a final barrage of pictures.  Some of our friends think Jessie and I are nuts when it comes to the elaborate details of our parties.  We’re well aware that we’re kind of bananas.  For us, a party is the way we show love and it fills our creative need.  Jessie and I are passionate that anyone can throw a beautiful party.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate.  Something yummy, some pretty flowers, and a lot of love can make a perfect event.  {And if you live near me, you know you’re welcome to borrow anything from my party stash!}


Time to start planning her fourth birthday I guess… 😉

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