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Christmas Card Holder DIY

One of the most exciting things about December is checking the mailbox everyday, am I right?!  Instead of bills and junk mail, there are stacks of cards from old friends.  Yay!  I’ve always loved hanging up the cards to enjoy all month, and this year I kicked it up a notch.  I think my favorite thing about this new holder is that even with only a few cards, it looks fantastic!  The DIY is as simple as it looks.  I attached the little trunk from our dead birch tree to the wall with heavy twine (and a 3M command hook) and tied several felt ball garlands to hang down from there.  If you’ve never strung felt balls before, it’s a cinch.  You just need a thick, long embroidery needle, embroidery thread or baker’s twine, and felt balls.  These are available in lots of online shops; Hello Maypole is a great source.  I attach my Christmas cards with mini clothespins, available at any craft store.  That’s it!  Doesn’t all the color make you happy?!  If you don’t have easy access to a tree branch, I have done this before by simply tacking each garland to the wall, and it looks great.

Happy December!



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